ZhuZhu Puppies Latest in ZhuZhu Pets Family

ZhuZhu Puppies Latest in ZhuZhu Pets Family

ZhuZhu Puppies Latest in ZhuZhu Pets Family

The winner of the award for the ‘Toy of the Year’ in 2010 was the adorable line up of ZhuZhu Pets. They have now introduced a bone loving, tail wagging and friendly line of children’s friends, ZhuZhu Puppies. These furry and interactive puppies have adorable and unique personalities that make them a loyal and faithful companion.

A spokesman for the company said that a whole level of new excitement is being introduced with ZhuZhu Puppies to go along with the popular and exciting lines of ZhuZhu Pets.

ZhuZhu Princess and Kung Zhu are recent additions that, along with the lovable ZhuZhu Puppies, give children new ways to engage animal toy companions. Playing with ZhuZhu Puppies combines nurturing companionship and imagination patterning that kids enjoy.

ZhuZhu Puppies, like their real life counterparts, include a variety of personalities and characters. Some are wild, some are sweet. There are mischief makers and loyal, courageous puppies. All of them make great companions and children will get many hours of enjoyable play time with all of them.

Murphy is an energetic puppy who likes to keep moving and doing things. He likes to take apart things and then put them together again. He also likes to chase balls.

Loolah is a cuddly lapdog that craves snuggles, hugs and kisses.

Howser is a fierce and protective leader who is prepared to rescue anyone who needs help. He used to be the runt of the ZhuZhu litter but now he is the hero in the ZhuZhu doghouse.

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