Zagat Releases 2011 America’s Top Restaurants Guide

Zagat Releases 2011 America's Top Restaurants Guide

Zagat Releases 2011 America's Top Restaurants Guide

The 2011 edition of the annual America’s Top Restaurants guide was recently released by Zagat Survey. This year’s guide complies the opinons of over 150,000 regular diners, and also highlights some of their habits and ideas about dining etiquette. 1,552 restaurants across the country are reviewed and ranked in the guide.

Restaurants are beginning to allow more lingering at a table with free Wi-Fi access for customers, but 60% of respondents think that time limits should be imposed, especially during busy hours when tables can be hard to get. Almost 70% of the surveyors think tweeting, texting or chatting on a cell phone at the table is rude, but 85% agree that it’s fine to photograph the food or fellow diners. Nearly a quarter of the respondents feel that men get better treatment at restaurants as well.

With the economy still in a slump and showing little sign of picking up, respondents are naturally eating out less and paying careful attention to the prices of their meals. Around 20% of diners reported cutting down on expensive appetizers, desserts or alcoholic drinks to lower their dinner tab, but 55% think they are getting better deals on food because restaurants are willing to compete for their business. Nearly 50% feel that they are more appreciated as well.

The trend in new restaurants in the past few years has been more casual and low key eateries, but the best chefs in America are now moving towards opening high-end dining establishments again. A few restaurants earned nearly flawless service scores in this year’s survey, and almost 70% of diners reported that poor service is their most important irritant when choosing not to return to a restaurant. New York has recently adopted the clear posting of a health-department score, and 80% of diners across the country appreciate the practice.

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