Voters Don’t Want IRS Preparing Their Taxes for Them

Voters Don't Want IRS Preparing Their Taxes for Them

Voters Don't Want IRS Preparing Their Taxes for Them

The Computer & Communications Industry Association recently created a report showing the results of a recent Public Policy Polling survey. The survey asked voters about the IRS’s possible plans to start preparing tax returns for individuals. An overwhelming majority of 71% of voters oppose the plan. The IRS touts the plan as a “Simple Return”

system that saves taxpayers time and effort, but the CCIA and the voters they surveyed believe that the IRS will use it to raise taxes and keep track of consumer information. The system is currently under discussion is Congress. It would allow the IRS to decide what each taxpayer owes or will receive as a refund without any outside input.

Congress members say that the new system could lead to over $300 billion in increased revenues, but th

e taxpayers polled believe that this money will come out of their income. They also believe that the IRS will not give them all of the tax deductions that they are legally allowed to claim. The President supports the bill because he says that it will save taxpayers an average of 21 hours of work, or payment to a separate tax preparer. However, if the IRS filing system is instituted, thousands of professional tax preparers will be out of work and Certified Accountants will lose substantial business. The proposed system would involve about 40 million households.

73% of voters also said that the IRS being responsible for both preparing and collecting taxes demonstrates a clear conflict of interest. Voters from the Republican, Independent and Democratic parties all agree that the system is a bad idea, with 80% of all voters agreeing that they would be less likely to vote for candidates who support the program. Over half of respondents also believe that their data would not be properly protected by the IRS from hackers and identity theft.

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