U.S. Responding to Pakistan Floods with Over $215 Million Thus Far

US Army Delivers Relief Supplies in Pakistan

US Army Delivers Relief Supplies in Pakistan

In the wake of the devastating floods that ravaged Pakistan beginning on July 29, the United States acted swiftly and generously in assisting the nation in any way possible.  One of the biggest contributions has come in the form of spending $167 million on the immediate response and relief efforts following the floods.  There is also an additional $50 million being allocated to help Pakistan recover and rebuild in the aftermath of the floods, putting the United States monetary contribution in excess of $217 million to this point.

The United States has provided the region with meals, steel bridges, shelter, and other much-needed infrastructure, as well as air support for the transportation and delivery of goods, as well as the rescue of people stranded in flooded areas.  As of September 2, the United States had assisted in the evacuation of nearly 11,000 people and delivered over 3,000 pounds of emergency supplies by aircraft.  Infrastructure and other relief efforts by American aircrafts has accounted for nearly $26 million of the money spent on the Pakistan relief mission.

Nearly a quarter of all the money the United States has contributed to the relief efforts has been in the form of food, totaling over $51 million. 

The United States Government is not the only one from America helping Pakistani flood victims.  The private sector from the U.S. has contributed nearly $9 million in privately donated funds to help the ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Pakistan.  The donations have come from corporations, both large and small, as well as from donations made by private citizens.

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