US Increases Relief Aid as Pakistan Continues to Suffer from Massive Floods

U.S. Increases Relief Aid to Pakistan

The devastating floods ravaging Pakistan continue to cause trouble in the country.  One thing the country can be thankful for is all of the support it is getting from around the world.  The United States recently increased the amount of aid it is giving to Pakistan to $150 million.  The European Union had already upped its aid to $180 million, and Britain recently doubled its pledge to $100 million.

The additional amounts of aid come as heavy rains continue to bombard the region.  Rains that caused floods starting on July 29, have yet to cease long enough to let the water begin receding, making rescue and aid missions not only difficult, but also highly dangerous. 

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton promised to help rescue and help as many people as possible when announcing the United States increase in relief aid to the country.  The United States additional contribution helped push the total amount of aid for Pakistan over the United Nations goal of a half-billion dollars.

Pakistani and American armies are currently responding to the emergency by providing food, shelter, and medical care.  However, the floods have made rescue missions difficult and dangerous for rescue workers.  Clinton said that running a full rescue and repair operation would be nearly impossible until the massive flooding began to recede.  She did call for all resources to be prepared to respond to help rebuild the flood-ravaged regions of Pakistan once the disaster began to calm.

Clinton also urged Americans to donate individually to the relief aid through the State Department.

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