“Undercover Boss” to Feature Baja Fresh CEO, David Kim

"Undercover Boss" to Feature Baja Fresh CEO, David Kim

"Undercover Boss" to Feature Baja Fresh CEO, David Kim

CBS’s series “Undercover Boss” puts CEOs and other high level executives in the role of a new employee. The challenges of cooking, running a register or stocking shelves often causes the leader of a company to stumble, despite years of experience in the office. These surprises, combined with the behind the scenes look at how some of America’s favorite companies are run, has made the show a hit.

In the next episode airing on Sunday, April 10th, the CEO of Baja Fresh will be the next undercover boss. David Kim’s reveal at the end of the show, when he takes off his disguise and tells his follow workers his true identity, may be the most exciting in the history of the series. Baja Fresh is a chain restaurant that focuses on fresh ingredients, fast-casual food instead of lower quality fast food, and fire-grilled Mexican favorites like burritos.

One of David Kim’s biggest struggles during his time undercover was with making one of the chain’s signature Baja Fresh Burrito Ultimo. He likened the experience to trying to give yourself a haircut, which even hairdressers find difficult. During his time undercover Kim wanted to inspire fellow workers and teach them, but instead he found that they were already more skilled than he expected and learned much himself.

The chain currently has 255 locations in the U.S. and one in Dubai. Due to the strict policies of Baja Fresh to ban freezers and can-openers from their kitchens and only use hormone free meat, Kim was eager to check that their restaurants were following these guidelines. Kim got to see first hand the successes of this policy and also the unique challenges it creates. CEOs often have difficulty seeing exactly how their decisions affects the day-to-day operation of their chains until sales drop or rise.

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