Titan to Become New York’s Top Phone Kiosk Advertising Provider

Titan to Become New York’s Top Phone Kiosk Advertising Provider

Titan to Become New York’s Top Phone Kiosk Advertising Provider

Titan, a full service media company that specializes in out-of-home advertising and marketing, has announced that it will acquire 1,900 payphones located in 1,300 phone kiosks across New York City. Verizon is selling them to the company.

This new transaction triples Titan’s inventory in the New York Phone Kiosk business. This will equal over 5,000 advertising surfaces owned and operated by the company. Verizon sold over 650 payphones, in 462 kiosks, to Titan during 2009. With this most recent transaction Verizon will exit the phone kiosk market in New York City and hand the last of their inventory over to Titan.

This will leave Titan owning the highest number of kiosks in all five boroughs. Building on their strong Manhattan presence, Titan plans to stay on top of the New York City public pay telephone franchise industry.

Revenues produced by these kiosks have remained resilient despite losses in the advertising sector during 2008 and 2009. Titan remains confident that they can create growth in the rest of 2010. Not only will Titan receive all ad revenue for these pay phones, they have the right to collect the change used to make calls as well.

Advertising on these kiosks reaches pedestrians, drivers, and pay phone users that might otherwise be missed. Advertising clients can reach a very specific audience by targeting specific retail locations. The advertising opportunities offered by phone kiosks may be the only available choice in some areas of the city.

Fully wrapped kiosks are the trademark of Titan, and they remain the only company in New York offering them. The company also specializes in transit advertising across the country, reaching bus and train riders of all ages and target audiences. They are working on creative new advertising methods to reach even more consumers, and hope to continue their expansion in the New York City area.

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