Tips for finding the perfect guy gift this holiday season

Tips for finding the perfect guy gift this holiday season

(BPT) – Guys can be the hardest people to shop for, and finding the perfect gift has become a daunting holiday tradition. Sure, they will appreciate the thought behind another bundle of tube socks – and might even wear them – but there are gifts that bring a wow factor and make even the most stoic guys light up like a little kid.

Add to a collection

Adding to a guy’s collection is a great gift idea. If you’re unsure about what to choose, ask him what he collects and what he needs to take it to the next level. He will be flattered you’re showing interest and you’ll gain valuable insight into that perfect gift.

Give tools for do-it-yourself projects

You may not know every project the DIYer in your life is working on, so choose a multi-purpose tool. Tools like the Klutch Cordless Impact Wrench from Northern Tool + Equipment are the perfect partner for all those auto, construction or equipment maintenance projects. This 24-volt, cordless wrench delivers heavy torque and includes four different sockets assuring he has the right piece for any job.

Fill his garage or man cave

Every guy has a little space in the home he likes to call his own. For some it’s the garage, for others it’s the man cave in the house, and for others maybe the garage is his man cave. Wherever he chooses to relax, he might enjoy a personalized beer pitcher or an under-the-counter fridge. His garage will also look great with a new toolbox or shop stool.

Find the unexpected

Finding a gift he might get from a buddy will be a pleasant surprise for him. The Harley-Davidson 7-Liter Pilsner Glass from Kotula’s will turn heads and create a lot of laughs. This giant beer glass can hold up to about 18 cans of his favorite beer and will make a big statement.

If you use these shopping tips for the guys in your life, you won’t even need to check your holiday list twice. With a good plan in mind, you’ll find options he will enjoy and actually use.

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