Thanksgiving Travel Expected to Increase this Year

Thanksgiving Travel Expected to Increase this YearIt’s expected that more Americans will be going to see family this Thanksgiving. AAA is projecting an increase in auto travel that will be a little over 11%. Even though there is still a high rate of unemployment, it seems that households are doing a little better this year. The report is even showing an increase in travel in the lower income and younger age brackets. The improvement in household budgets and the desire to spend time with family is thought to be the reason for the increase.

The average distance that most people are expected to travel for the holiday is 816 miles. AAA says that there will be more than 40 million cars on the road for Thanksgiving. This number is due to most people traveling via car this year. As a matter of fact AAA says that 94% of travelers will be traveling by car to see their families. Thankfully they are not projecting an increase in gas prices. With all of those vehicles on the road you will need to drive more cautious and make sure that you are prepared for any delays or breakdowns.

If you have a smart phone, AAA also has apps available for the iPhone and Android to help you with your traveling plans. Also, don’t forget that you can visit them online to plan out your trip and even get an estimated fuel cost. Even though all of the extra cars on the road may make traveling a little more of a hassle, it will be nice to know that more families will be spending the holidays together.

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