Texting Bans, Teen Drivers Top AAA’s Agenda

Texting Bans, Teen Drivers Top AAA's Agenda

Texting Bans, Teen Drivers Top AAA's Agenda

The American Automobile Association has announced some of the priorities on its agenda for the year as legislatures across the United States convene for the new 2011 session. Promoting a law that would make texting messages while driving illegal and improving the safety of teens on the road top those priorities.

The AAA had a fairly successful traffic safety campaign last year and is looking to build on those improvements.

Kathleen Marvaso is the Vice President of Public Affairs for the American Automobile Association. She says that events in the last year show that individual states have a good commitment to increasing traffic safety. Almost one dozen states passed laws making texting illegal and also improved core safety needs such as laws regarding seat belts, safety for teen drivers and safety regulations for child passengers.

AAA is committed to working together with automobile safety advocates and legislators across the United States in order to write and then pass laws that will make America’s roads safer in 2011. State and local governments are facing severe financial restraints in their budgets so it is necessary to focus on improvements in safety that are low cost and improve people’s lives.

Legislation that helps to reduce automobile crashes and the ensuing deaths and injuries can help to save lives as well as money spent on medical services by governments.

The priorities for the American Automobile Association this year will be helping to pass laws outlawing the practice of texting messages while driving, increasing teen driver education and safety, promoting booster seat laws and improving seat belt laws.

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