Survey Shows Bullying Linked To Family Violence

Are bullies a result of their environment? A survey conducted in early 2009 by the Massachusetts Health Department finds that bullies have been a part of or have witnessed family violence. This comes as no surprise as other tests in the past have shown this very same fact. The survey questioned almost 6000 high school […]

Driving Behavior Caused by Psychological Design, Not Cultural Cues

A recent study of drivers across various cultures shows that psychological similarities lead to similar driving behavior, despite cultural differences. The study is entitled Traffic Psychology: An International Perspective, and was edited by associate professor Dwight Hennessy at Buffalo State College. It was previously thought that drivers in individualistic countries, such as America, would exhibit […]

Violence Increasing In Iraq As Government Still Unsettled

On Tuesday, attacks by militants in Baghdad led to the death of at least 113 people in Shiite neighborhoods throughout the city.  The latest attacks are an extension of recent violent assaults by the Sunni Arab militant group Al Qaida in Iraq.  It appears the group is attempting to restart a sectarian war between the […]

More Violence as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Continue

A day after fighting erupted in Jerusalem, there was more violence for residents to be concerned with.  On Thursday, a group of rock wielding youths clashed with Israeli police in east Jerusalem.  The group of youths began throwing rocks at police officials and setting fire to tires in the Issawiya district of Jerusalem.  Police employed […]

Mexico Celebrates Independence Day amid Fear of Violence

Wednesday marked the 200th anniversary celebration of Mexico’s independence and the thing citizens wished for most was a day free of violence.  As the drug wars continue to ravage the country, government officials and citizens across Mexico hoped that the many celebrations and parades would occur without any of the bloodshed that has continued for […]

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