As Holidays Approach, Employment and Finances a Concern

The Consumer Reports Index for October shows that despite the upcoming boost from the holiday retail seasons the same problems are continuing to keep recovery down. This Index measures a number of milestones to create a summary of the overall health of consumer finances. The retail environment is preparing for a medium quality season, but […]

Some See Economic Improvement on the Horizon

People in the United States are still uncertain over unemployment and job creation but they are feeling a little more optimistic about the overall American economy, according to a recent Harris Poll. Looking at the future, more than a third of the nation’s residents, or 34 percent, think that the economy is going to improve […]

Temporary Employment May Be Best Bet after Layoff

Over half of adults living in the United States think that temporary employment may be their best course of action after being laid off, according to a recent survey.  The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of staffing firm EmploymentGroup. The aim of the survey was to quantify the amount of appeal that […]

Negative Outlook About American Job Market Continues

  The unemployment report that is released each month is still one of the most talked about and focused upon pieces of financial data, even among people who aren’t normally concerned with the economy. Many experts and everyday Americans agree that the economy won’t bounce back until the job market has recovered, but this recovery […]

Low-Income Older Adults Struggling to Meet Basic Needs

The results from the AARP Closer Look June 2010 survey were released on Tuesday and the picture it paints was not a pretty one.  The survey looks into the affect the recession has had on low-income citizens over the age of 45 and who make less than $25,000.  It found that nearly 60 percent of […]

Economy Continues Struggle with Job Outlook Bleak, says Report

According to the latest Consumer Reports Index, consumer difficulties are in a decline, however the report found that the job picture for Americans continues to worsen and retail activity is once again starting to fall off.  Even with consumer difficulties improving, the report paints a bleak picture for an economy struggling to recover. The September […]

New Job Loss Claims Reach 500,000, Highest in Nine Months

The economy looks to be falling back into recession mode.  Last week, the most recent first time unemployment benefits claims were released, and the numbers were not a welcome sight.  First time job loss benefit claims climbed to over 500,000 in the month of July, the largest number of claims since 509,000 claims were made […]

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