New Twitter Image Galleries Need to be Managed With Care, Says Punch

Micro-blogging site Twitter has recently enhanced its offering by launching image galleries, allowing images to be displayed on a user’s profile page. But Punch Communications warns that users need to be aware galleries are automatically generated by Twitter and images displayed may not be what the user would prefer or expect. All Twitter profiles will […]

13 Million People Risking Identify Theft With Social Network Interaction

Almost 13 million American adults who use social networking websites like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook admit that they will accept any connection from a person of the opposite gender, regardless of actual association. This comes from a survey of 1,011 people in the U.S. Conducted by Harris Interactive. 387 of the respondents had joined a […]

Myspace Gets an Overhaul

Myspace has announced a complete overhaul of the site.  The company will undergo a complete rebranding of the website to focus on the social networking needs of Generation Y.  Myspace revealed a beta version of the new site last week. The company, which had fallen behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter, is seeking to regain […]

Social Networking Users Over 50 are Growing Quickly

The average age of Internet users may be going up.  A recent Pew Research survey found that use of social networking sites by those over the age of 50 has nearly doubled over the past year.  The survey found that between April of last year and March of this year, users ages 50 to 64 […]

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