African-Americans Less Likely to Call Emergency Services During Signs of Stroke

New research conducted by the  Washington Hospital Center Stroke Center shows that while 89 percent of African-Americans claimed they would call 9-1-1 if confronted with stroke symptoms, less than 12 percent of actual stroke victims actually did. 253 people were surveyed with a list of hypothetical symptoms and asked if they would call 9-1-1 when […]

Drinking Coffee May Lead to Lower Risk of Stroke

People who have a caffeine craving can now go about drinking their coffee with a bit less apprehension about how it will affect their health after a new research study from Sweden shows that drinking coffee may lessen the risk of suffering a stroke. The research has been published in the medical periodical, “Stroke: the […]

Memory Tests May Help Reveal Risk of Stroke

Declining mental abilities or memory problems could represent a stroke risk, according to a new study authored by University of Alabama’s Abraham Letter.  The study reveals that by implementing a few simple tests to stroke evaluations, better readings are possible for how high the stroke risk factor is for individuals. The study was conducted by […]

The Link Between Family History and Heart Diseases

A new research study that looks into the relationship between heart disease and family history has just been published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, a medical journal of the American Heart Association. One of the highlights of the study was finding out that women have a higher stroke risk and risk of heart attack if their […]

CDC Reports Lower Statistics of Stroke Leading to Death

The National Center for Health Statistics, a subsidiary of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, has released a report that details the cause of death statistics for the year 2008. One important fact that came out in the report is that stroke has gone down to the fourth leading cause […]

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