Voyager Spacecraft Find Evidence of Magnetic Bubbles At Edge of Solar System

New information coming in from the Voyager spacecraft are showing that what we think we know about the edge of the solar system may be wrong. The Voyager crafts are the farthest space measuring stations that we currently have in the solar system, and probes from these devices are sending back never before seen readings […]

Space Shuttle Discovery Launches on Final Voyage

NASA’s spaceship Discovery launched into orbit for the final on Thursday on its way to the International Space Station in a flight that signals the winding down of the era of the space shuttle. The crew on board comprises six veteran and experienced NASA astronauts who were happy to get off the ground after repairs […]

NASA Spacecraft Completes Asteroid, Comet Search

The NEOWISE mission from the space agency NASA has finished its comprehensive survey of asteroids, comets and small galactic bodies in Earths solar system. Objects that were previously unknown that were discovered by the mission include a belt of asteroids numbering more than 33,000 strong between Jupiter and Mars, 134 near Earth objects and 20 […]

NASA Discovers Possible Ice Volcanoes on Saturn Moon Titan

Saturn’s moon Titan may contain ice volcanoes, similar to our Earth volcanoes, according to information from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. New readings of the surface composition and topography are allowing scientists to make new predictions about what exists on bodies located far out in the solar system. Current information shows that these volcano structures erupt with […]

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