Small Business Owners Struggling to Use Social Media Effectively

Many small business owners use social media tools for personal enjoyment, but despite their understanding that it has an effect on their business, they don’t know how to properly use these networks to grow their business. Most of these people are also putting off the investment in social media marketing until they fully grasp how […]

Small Businesses to Benefit from New Postal Rules

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will be changing the rules that govern the use of simplified addressing so that small businesses can use the service on urban delivery routes. That is projected to help small businesses grow, especially those who currently don’t market by mail because it is too expensive. It will […]

Cuba Introduces New Self-Employment Opportunities And Taxes

On Monday, Cuba released a short two-page introduction to the wide sweeping tax reforms the country plans to implement.  After laying off over half a million government and state workers the country will introduce a tax system for the expected influx of newly self-employed persons.  The goal of the country’s plan is to turn many […]

Small Business Owners Still Unsure About Effectiveness of Social Media

According to a recent survey from RatePoint, small businesses are still uncertain about the impact social media has on networking and interacting with customers. The survey found that only 36 percent of small businesses agreed that customers were likely to spend time on social networking sites.  Research shows that nearly 58 percent of US Internet […]

President Has Strong Words for Republicans over Small Business Bill

President Barak Obama blasted Republican lawmaker’s only moments before leaving for his 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.  The President made the statements over the Republicans effort to stop a bill that would allow small businesses easier access to capital loans and would boost job growth.  Obama said that this particular piece of legislation was critical […]

Small Business Confidence Falls Again

Small business confidence in the economy fell to its lowest levels in four months in July.  A survey showed the decline in confidence was caused mainly by the low expectations for economic growth.  The news is disheartening to many because the small business sector is where much of the nation’s job growth comes from. In […]

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