Consumer Reports Shows That Consumers Expect To Spend Less This Holiday Season

About 200 million consumers will engage in gift shopping this holiday season, according to the new Holiday Shopping Poll from Consumer Reports. Optimism for happiness this holiday season is at 33%, which is slightly lower than the 40% reporting expectations of happiness last year. This lowered level of optimism will affect their spending on travel […]

The Purchasing Power of American Youths Is Growing

As 2012 draws closer, the purchasing power of eight to 24 year old citizens in America is reaching $211 billion. The Harris Poll YouthPulse study for 2012 shows that young people have just as much money to spend as many older adults. Half of children under 12 buy their own toys and candy, with 28% […]

Customers Frustrated with Poor Service

A new survey by Consumer Reports has shown that even in an age of online purchases and technology integration, customer service is very important to customers. Consumers are still frustrated and unhappy with rude or unhelpful sales people, confusing or complicated check out processes and a lack of attention from workers when they need help. […]

Consumers Share Their Favorite Brands

Crowd Scene’s JustAsk survey was recently published and the findings indicate that Generation X and high income shoppers choose to share their favorite brands with friends and family members. These numbers remain the same whether the company in question offers rewards for word of mouth advertising or not. Consumers between 30 and 49 are the […]

American Women are Savvy Shoppers

American women like being thought of as savvy shoppers who can find a deal, according to the new poll run by ShopSmart magazine. Over three-fourths of women surveyed engage in some form of bargain hunting while shopping, and 10% said that they like the challenge of price comparison and thrifty shopping. Women keep their eyes […]

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