Holiday Shoppers Divided Over Spending

Deloitte recently released their 25th annual survey of consumer intentions for spending this holiday season, and the results are interesting. Economic woes have left many consumers less likely to spend as much money as they would for gifts a few years ago, but some important sections of the survey demographics showed a surprisingly cheerful outlook. […]

Low-Income Older Adults Struggling to Meet Basic Needs

The results from the AARP Closer Look June 2010 survey were released on Tuesday and the picture it paints was not a pretty one.  The survey looks into the affect the recession has had on low-income citizens over the age of 45 and who make less than $25,000.  It found that nearly 60 percent of […]

U.S. Birth Rates Fall As Recession Continues

For the second consecutive year, the U.S. birth rate has declined.  According to a recent study, the trend began during late 2007, and coincided with the onset of the current recession.  Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University, was not surprised at the findings. Cherlin said that a decrease in birth rates is […]

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