Over Half of Americans Give President Obama a Bad Job Rating

President Obama has a full plate.  There’s the battle over the budget, which could shutdown the government if it goes badly. Labor union issues are cropping up across the country.  Conflict and chaos are popping up left and right overseas and the decision to intervene weighs heavy.  And, his 2012 reelection team is gearing up. […]

Obama Lashes Out at Republicans over Tax Cuts

As the November election season draws closer, the debate over tax cuts and jobs is beginning to heat up once again.  While the economy and job creation have been talking points since the start of the economic downturn, the final two years of President Barak Obama’s first term depend on the outcome of the November […]

Obama Names Goolsbee New Head of Council of Economic Advisers

President Barak Obama has announced that Austan Goolsbee will take over as the leader of the Council of Economic Advisers.  The move has been anticipated for some time.  The President called Goolsbee “one of the finest economists in the country” when making the announcement. Goolsbee will replace Christina Romer, who is stepping away from the […]

President Unveils New Stimulus Plan on Labor Day

On Labor Day, President Barak Obama revealed his new economic stimulus package, and the primary focus was rebuilding the lagging American infrastructure.  The administration is proposing what amounts to a $50 billion stimulus to build and repair infrastructure around the country.  The President gave his speech while attending a Labor Day event in Milwaukee. President […]

Obama Officially “Turns Page” on Iraq War to Focus on Afghan War and Domestic Issues

Tuesday August 31, 2010 was a day that President Barak Obama had been waiting for since long before he took over as commander-in-chief.  During his 18-minute address to the American people, President Obama announced an official end to combat missions by American forces in Iraq.  While he acknowledged that there were still some 50,000 American […]

Palestinian and Israeli Peace Talks Set To Resume In Washington

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that he believes an agreement for long-term peace in the Mideast is possible in the near future.  Netanyahu was preparing to board a flight that will bring him to the United States to renew peace talks with Palestinian officials.  He said that as long as the Palestinian […]

President Has Strong Words for Republicans over Small Business Bill

President Barak Obama blasted Republican lawmaker’s only moments before leaving for his 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.  The President made the statements over the Republicans effort to stop a bill that would allow small businesses easier access to capital loans and would boost job growth.  Obama said that this particular piece of legislation was critical […]

President Signs Border Control Bill into Law

On Friday, President Obama signed a $600 million bill into law to pay for an additional 1,500 border patrol agents in the southwest United States.  The bill will also pay for additional drones and new border stations.  The bill was proposed by congress in a special session on August 5 and approved the same day […]

President Obama Signs “Made in America” Bill into Law

President Obama signed a bill into law that he believes will improve the job prospects for millions of Americans over the next five years.  The bill, affectionately called “Made in America”, aims to bring manufacturing companies back to the U.S. so that America can begin selling goods to the world instead of buying everything from […]

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