More Women Taking Charge of Personal Investments

As women play bigger roles in the financial world, they are spending more of their money in self-directed investment accounts. The numbers of men and women with such accounts are now nearly equal, with 30% of women and 36% of men reporting so in the new research from Mintel. Women who have household incomes over […]

Wealthy Americans Optimistic about Financial Future

As the economy in the United States begins to recover from the recession, many Americans feel a sense of optimism greater than they had before the recession regarding their financial future. The Mintel organization published a report recently entitled Wealth Management-January 2011 that shows that more than 80 percent of households with high net worth […]

Holiday Shoppers Divided Over Spending

Deloitte recently released their 25th annual survey of consumer intentions for spending this holiday season, and the results are interesting. Economic woes have left many consumers less likely to spend as much money as they would for gifts a few years ago, but some important sections of the survey demographics showed a surprisingly cheerful outlook. […]

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