Millions of Pakistani Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help

The water in Pakistan is finally receding back into the ocean, and the reality of the devastation which has impacted countless Pakistani civilians is showing.  The world’s worst disaster has not only damaged thousands of homes, but also all of the belongings within them.  Millions of Pakistani people are without shelter, in need of urgent medical […]

Bin Laden Releases New Recordings over Weekend

Osama bin Laden made an appearance over the weekend, releasing two new audio recordings on Friday on Saturday calling for more help for the flood victims in Pakistan.  In the messages, bin Laden talked very little about his problems with his Western enemies, which are usually prominent features in the terrorist leader’s recordings.  Instead, bin […]

U.S. Continues to Increase Aid for Pakistan Flood Relief

As the floods in Pakistan continue to disrupt the country and the safety of Pakistani citizens, the United States is continuing to provide financial assistance to the recovery efforts in the country.  The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced that an additional $75 million would be donated to the United Nations World Food […]

U.S. Responding to Pakistan Floods with Over $215 Million Thus Far

In the wake of the devastating floods that ravaged Pakistan beginning on July 29, the United States acted swiftly and generously in assisting the nation in any way possible.  One of the biggest contributions has come in the form of spending $167 million on the immediate response and relief efforts following the floods.  There is […]

US Increases Relief Aid as Pakistan Continues to Suffer from Massive Floods

The devastating floods ravaging Pakistan continue to cause trouble in the country.  One thing the country can be thankful for is all of the support it is getting from around the world.  The United States recently increased the amount of aid it is giving to Pakistan to $150 million.  The European Union had already upped […]

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