Concern Over Job Search Confidentiality On The Rise

Americans share more of their personal lives than ever with the use of social networks, blogs and other online services. However, they remain concerned about their privacy when it comes to the job search. 88% of people polled by agreed that their privacy was very important to them in a survey devised by Wakefield […]

13 Million People Risking Identify Theft With Social Network Interaction

Almost 13 million American adults who use social networking websites like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook admit that they will accept any connection from a person of the opposite gender, regardless of actual association. This comes from a survey of 1,011 people in the U.S. Conducted by Harris Interactive. 387 of the respondents had joined a […]

Legislation to Stop Information Tracking Online Introduced

Congress has introduced legislation that will allow consumers to stop information tracking online if they wish to do so. The introduced bill is called ‘Do Not Track Me’ according to a press conference organized by the nonprofit organization Consumer Watchdog, the author of the bill and advocates for privacy. The legislation would legally give the […]

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