Megamind Unleashes Diabolical Fun on Blu-ray, DVD

Megamind has been described as a “mega, mega, mega funny”, and has been widely appreciated by people of all ages since its release. And now, the movie is again back with an even bigger surprise. The company has set the release date for Megamind’s Blu-ray discs on the 25th of Feb, 2011. This time it’s […]

Shrek: The Whole Story Box Set to Release for a Shrektacular Holiday Season

He’s everyone’s favorite wise cracking green ogre and for the first time his hysterical history will be available in a four box set called Shrek: The Whole Story. Dreamworks SKG’s box office computer generated champion and his beloved main squeeze Princess Fiona will be all yours along with their ever present sidekick, Donkey, his girl […]

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