Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Welcomes Space Shuttle Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis has arrived at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to begin its new mission as the dramatically displayed centerpiece of a $100 million exhibit scheduled to open in July 2013. Atlantis completed its historic final journey – the last of any of NASA’s space shuttles – with NASA officials and thousands of visitor […]

NASA Preparing To Launch Most Advanced Mars Rover

NASA’s newest mobile robotic technology will be included on a rover that is preparing to launch for Mars. The laboratory included on the rover will help scientists learn more about an area of Mars that may contain proof of water or unusual mineral deposits. The rover, known as Curiosity, is the size of a small […]

NASA Surveys Ice Changes in Antarctica

The NASA Operation IceBridge program begun the third airborne research campaign earlier this week. The airborne missions involve surveying the ice plates of Antarctica and providing the data needed to track changes in the ice. A group of special scientific instruments are carried on two planes from the base in Chile. Both planes will operate […]

NASA Finds Fewer Near-Earth Asteroids Than Previously Thought

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope created by NASA has shown that the number of medium-sized asteroids near earth is much lower than previously anticipated. The telescope has also managed to find over 90% of the largest, most important asteroids near the planet. NASA agreed to meet this goal in 1998. New information shows […]

Messenger Reveals New Information About Planet Mercury

The first spacecraft to ever stay in orbit around Mercury has begun spending back data and information about Mercury. NASA’s MESSENGER craft is also known as the MErcury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging spacecraft. It took over six years and fifteen laps of the solar system to reach the planet’s orbit. First orbit contact […]

Mars Rover Reaches New Crater Site

A nearly three year long journey has led the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity to the Endeavour crater on Mars where it will now begin collecting data and samples of rocks never before seen. The rover, which is only about as big as a golf cart, reached Spirit Point on the rim of the crater on […]

Vesta Asteroid Images Taken by NASA Dawn Spacecraft

The Dawn spacecraft launched by NASA has sent back the very first high detail, close-up images of the massive asteroid known as Vesta. The craft was sent into orbit around the body to pick up more information about its surface and composition. This was the first probe ever to orbit a space object that is […]

Massive Storm on Saturn Captured By Cassini Spacecraft

Scientists have gathered images and sound files that demonstrate astounding details of a massive storm on Saturn. The storm is eight times larger than the surface of Earth. The Cassini spacecraft first reported signs of the storm in December of 2010. It is currently occurring at 35 degrees north latitude on the planet. The images captured […]

Voyager Spacecraft Find Evidence of Magnetic Bubbles At Edge of Solar System

New information coming in from the Voyager spacecraft are showing that what we think we know about the edge of the solar system may be wrong. The Voyager crafts are the farthest space measuring stations that we currently have in the solar system, and probes from these devices are sending back never before seen readings […]

Mars’ Atmosphere Changes with Tilt of Axis

New evidence confirmed by NASA, shows that the atmosphere on Mars is constantly changing and it fluctuates dramatically as a direct result of the tilt of its axis. This change in atmosphere directly affects things like dust storms. Such drastic changes in the atmosphere can also affect one substance that NASA is still in search […]

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