13 Million People Risking Identify Theft With Social Network Interaction

Almost 13 million American adults who use social networking websites like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook admit that they will accept any connection from a person of the opposite gender, regardless of actual association. This comes from a survey of 1,011 people in the U.S. Conducted by Harris Interactive. 387 of the respondents had joined a […]

Myspace Gets an Overhaul

Myspace has announced a complete overhaul of the site.  The company will undergo a complete rebranding of the website to focus on the social networking needs of Generation Y.  Myspace revealed a beta version of the new site last week. The company, which had fallen behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter, is seeking to regain […]

Social Media Users Want Privacy, Respect

The Stativity Group has released the results of their 2010 Social Experiment Study.  The study was designed to gain insight into how consumers view social media trends as well as the role that social media platforms have in communication between consumers and companies. The study found that for the most part, consumers tend to view […]

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