Mars’ Atmosphere Changes with Tilt of Axis

New evidence confirmed by NASA, shows that the atmosphere on Mars is constantly changing and it fluctuates dramatically as a direct result of the tilt of its axis. This change in atmosphere directly affects things like dust storms. Such drastic changes in the atmosphere can also affect one substance that NASA is still in search […]

NASA Finds New Evidence Of Water On Mars

New evidence has NASA wondering where the water came from.  New information shows that the ground where Spirit, the Mars Exploration Rover, was stuck last year indicates the presence of water.  Officials believe the water reached the subsurface as snow melted and continued to accumulate over a period of time. Current information has led scientists […]

Trip to Mars Could Leave Astronauts Drained of Energy by Time They Got To the Planet

For years man has dreamt of going to Mars, even though for a long time it was thought to be an impossible task.  If recent studies have anything to say about it, we may never see a man or woman on the surface of Mars. With current rocket technology, a trip to Mars would take […]

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