Concern Over Job Search Confidentiality On The Rise

Americans share more of their personal lives than ever with the use of social networks, blogs and other online services. However, they remain concerned about their privacy when it comes to the job search. 88% of people polled by agreed that their privacy was very important to them in a survey devised by Wakefield […]

Mistakes Job Hunters Make in Interviews

We’ve all been there. We’ve all made errors in job interviews before that have led to us instantly think that we’ve blown it. But whatever mistakes you may have made, you can be sure there are other people out there who have done worse things than you. reveals that many people make similar mistakes […]

Social Media Changes How Companies Find New Talent, But Some Are Slow to Adapt

New social media websites and systems are changing the way talented people find new careers. Unfortunately, the new Emerging Workforce Study held by SFN Group shows that most companies are not using these systems to find new workers. Less than a quarter of the companies surveyed had some form of a social media strategy for […]

New Website Created by U.S. Department of Labor to Aid in Job Search

The Employment and Training Administration, a part of the U.S. Department of Labor, recently launched a new website to aid job seekers match existing skills and qualifications to new career opportunities. The website also helps in finding training for transitioning between jobs. The online portal is named “mySkills myFuture”, and can be found at […]

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