Obama Officially “Turns Page” on Iraq War to Focus on Afghan War and Domestic Issues

Tuesday August 31, 2010 was a day that President Barak Obama had been waiting for since long before he took over as commander-in-chief.  During his 18-minute address to the American people, President Obama announced an official end to combat missions by American forces in Iraq.  While he acknowledged that there were still some 50,000 American […]

General Says Combat Troop Withdrawal from Iraq Still on Track for September 1

General Ray Odierno, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, said that U.S. forces are still on schedule for a September 1 deadline to withdraw combat troops from the country.  Odierno has said that Iraqi security forces have been systematically given more responsibility in ground operations over the past few months.  The General said that Iraqi […]

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