Over 42 Million Travelers to Hit the Road for Thanksgiving Weekend

AAA has predicted that about 42.5 million Americans plan to travel at least 50 miles over the Thanksgiving weekend. This represent a four percent rise over the 40 million who traveled last year. Holiday traffic for the rest of 2011 saw little to no rises over 2010, but this is encouraging news for travel retailers […]

Thanksgiving Travel Expected to Increase this Year

It’s expected that more Americans will be going to see family this Thanksgiving. AAA is projecting an increase in auto travel that will be a little over 11%. Even though there is still a high rate of unemployment, it seems that households are doing a little better this year. The report is even showing an […]

Labor Day Travel May Increase By Up to 10 Percent

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) expects that Americans will travel in greater numbers this year for Labor Day, with 34.4 million people taking a 50 mile or more trip. This is a 9.9 percent increase over the numbers from 2009. 31.3 million travelers visited family or vacation spots last year during Labor Day. The […]

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