Financially healthy, strategically focused: U-M Hospitals & Health Centers presents budget

Break-even year and investments pave the way for a strong FY14 Ann Arbor, MI  (All News Wire)  A record number of patients turned to the University of Michigan Health System in the last year for their care, and expressed record-high satisfaction with their experience — resulting in a solid fiscal year performance achieved in a challenging environment. […]

American Society of Hypertension Assumes Charge of Hypertension Guideline Development

New York, NY  (All News Wire)  A recent shift in the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) health education agenda has prompted hypertension-related organizations to spearhead the development and implementation of national hypertension practice guidelines. As published in CIRCULATION today, the NHLBI announced it will no longer develop national clinical practice guidelines, like the highly anticipated Joint […]

Real Healthcare Costs Much Higher Than Anticipated

Despite the health care reform act that was passed a year ago, consumers spent $363 billion dollars in that period according to a recent Deloitte report. This is a 14.7 percent increase over the spending reported by official government counts, mostly due to the costs that fall outside of traditional health care spending. Government figures […]

Americans Deeply Divided over Health Care Reform

Americans are still extremely divided in their support for President Barack Obama’s controversial health care reforms, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive and HealthDay. The survey indicated that 31 percent of the adults questioned wanted to keep most or all of the changes, while 40 percent wanted to repeal most or all of […]

Low-Income Older Adults Struggling to Meet Basic Needs

The results from the AARP Closer Look June 2010 survey were released on Tuesday and the picture it paints was not a pretty one.  The survey looks into the affect the recession has had on low-income citizens over the age of 45 and who make less than $25,000.  It found that nearly 60 percent of […]

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