Gold’s Gym Acquires 17 Of 18 Fitness First Health Club Locations In The Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Brand Becomes Largest Fitness Provider in Nation’s Capital Region Overnight Dallas, TX  (All News Wire)  Gold’s Gym, the world’s leading authority on health and fitness, announced today the acquisition of 17 Fitness First Health Club locations in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The deal is officially slated to close in the next week. With 32 locations already in the Washington D.C. metro […]

American Society of Hypertension Assumes Charge of Hypertension Guideline Development

New York, NY  (All News Wire)  A recent shift in the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) health education agenda has prompted hypertension-related organizations to spearhead the development and implementation of national hypertension practice guidelines. As published in CIRCULATION today, the NHLBI announced it will no longer develop national clinical practice guidelines, like the highly anticipated Joint […]

Obesity Raises Death Risk Tied To Sleeping Pills

San Diego, CA  (All News Wire)  Obesity appears to significantly increase the risk of death tied to sleeping pills, nearly doubling the rate of mortality even among those prescribed 18 or fewer pills in a year, researchers reported Friday. “Obesity emerged as a marker of increased vulnerability,” said Robert Langer, M.D., M.P.H., at the annual […]

Real Healthcare Costs Much Higher Than Anticipated

Despite the health care reform act that was passed a year ago, consumers spent $363 billion dollars in that period according to a recent Deloitte report. This is a 14.7 percent increase over the spending reported by official government counts, mostly due to the costs that fall outside of traditional health care spending. Government figures […]

Hoarders: Secrets Hidden Behind Closed Doors

There’s a secret hiding behind the doors of residents across North America, and it is often causes a high risk for fires, pests and even disease. Some homes in America and Canada are so full of random items and trash that the front won’t open and bedrooms and kitchens are inaccessible. Rotting food is trapped […]

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