Tablets Favored by Consumers for 2011 Holiday Gift Season

PriceGrabber has surveyed holiday shoppers on their plans and preferences for a third year in a row. The data gathered shows interesting trends in the technology and consumer electronics category this year. Consumers indicated that they would highly prefer to receive a tablet computer over a laptop this season as a gift, with 79 percent […]

New NOOK Tablet Ships Early

Barnes & Noble has released their new NOOK Tablet a day early due to the high pre-order demand for the product. The tablet is the newest device in the Barnes & Noble family for delivering multi media content in a high quality format. This tablet combines the full color e-reader system that helped the previous […]

One in Six People Use E-Readers, With Numbers to Increase

E-Readers are making serious waves in the publishing industry. As technology advances, many bookstore chains and independent venues are shutting down. Others chose to create their own devices and struggle to keep up with both the computer companies developing e-Readers and online book retailers. Periodicals feel the changes as well, with publications as large as […]

Amazon’s New Kindle Coming Soon

Amazon’s current Kindle e-book reader is one of the most popular devices for reading electronic books, but competition has been growing for the company. Rumors that a new Kindle is on the way have been making the rounds and, according to recent reports

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