Amazon Ships New Kindles Earlier Than Expected

Amazon’s three newest Kindle models are all shipping out to customers earlier than expected. The Kindle Fire, which has already reached the spot of the bestselling item on due to high numbers of preorders, began shipping on November 14th after being scheduled for release on the 16th. The Touch and Touch 3G starting moving […]

NOOK Tablet To Offer Netflix Service

Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK e-reader and tablet will now ship with the Netflix application installed before purchase. This will give all existing Netflix users a new convenient way to enjoy their favorite television shows and movies while riding the bus, your lunch break or in bed. The Netflix app for the NOOK tablet provides […]

New Kindle Family Has A Device For Everyone

The Kindle may already be the world’s bestselling e-reader, but now Amazon is expanding their device to include a family of powerful e-readers. The family will include three new versions of the classic Kindle e-reader and the new Kindle Fire. The Fire will be a multi-media device that makes viewing TV or movies, playing games […]

One in Six People Use E-Readers, With Numbers to Increase

E-Readers are making serious waves in the publishing industry. As technology advances, many bookstore chains and independent venues are shutting down. Others chose to create their own devices and struggle to keep up with both the computer companies developing e-Readers and online book retailers. Periodicals feel the changes as well, with publications as large as […]

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