Credit Unions Receiving Big Business As Consumers Move Their Money

As banks raise their fees, over 500,000 consumers have been moving their monetary accounts to credit unions in the last month. Billions of dollars of savings and checking account balances have been transferred according to the Credit Union National Association. This is the country’s biggest advocacy group for the credit union industry. CUNA surveyed over […]

Bank of America Halts Foreclosures across Nation, Analysts Have Mixed Reactions

On Thursday, Bank of America announced they were halting foreclosures in all 50 states while they review mortgage paperwork.  The foreclosure freeze comes after pressure from Attorney General Martha Coakley after it was discovered earlier that some banks lacked the proper paperwork to seize thousands of homes across the country. Coakley called for the freeze […]

Bank of America Leading Bank for Modified Mortgages

Bank of America continues to be the industry leader in completed Home Affordable (HAMP) mortgage modifications.  Through the end of July, the company had processed more than 76,000 completed modifications through the government program.  Additionally, nearly 100,000 customers of the bank had received mortgage modifications through other programs, including programs run by the bank itself. […]

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