Amazon’s New Kindle Coming Soon

Amazon’s current Kindle e-book reader is one of the most popular devices for reading electronic books, but competition has been growing for the company. Rumors that a new Kindle is on the way have been making the rounds and, according to recent reports

Apple iPad 2 Top Rated Computer Tablet

The computer tablet market over the last year has been the exclusive territory of the Apple iPad as no other tablets offered similar capabilities or features. As 2011 passes by the competition is finally starting to mount in the tablet market. Despite the release of many promising tablets in the past few months, Consumer Reports […]

Apple’s New iPad 2 Unveiled

The eagerly awaited iPad 2 has just been introduced by Apple and it features a multitude of next generation features. This mobile device is indispensable for email chores, web browsing, reading e-books, listening to music, enjoying photos, playing games and many other applications. The iPad 2 has an all new design that is lighter by […]

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