Suzuki Kizashi Breaks Land Speed Record at Bonneville Trials

Suzuki Kizashi Breaks Land Speed Record at Bonneville Trials

The Suzuki automotive department’s first official attempt at setting a Bonneville Salt Flat speed record was successful.  Sam Mitani, driving the American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s 2010 Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special, sent the car into the record books.  The modified vehicle recorded a speed of 203.720 MPH at this year’s run. 

The car was modified for the event by a team including Richard Holener, Tom Habrzyk, and Scott Bailey.  The team said the conditions at the track were exactly what they expected when setting up the car, and that helped ensure that they would set the record.  Temperatures for the day were over 100 degrees.  After completing the run, the modified Kizashi was inspected to make sure it did not circumvent any rules or regulations.  Upon passing the inspection, the Kizashi, as well driver Mitani, were able to quality for the record. 

The transformation of the vehicle began with simple interior safety and instrument panel modifications, and continued to include several modifications specifically tailored for the Bonneville Salt Flats.  The team of Suzuki engineers in charge of modifying the car made adjustments to the engine, intake manifold, as well as other adjustments intended to make the car faster while enhancing the safety of its driver.

Suzuki is hopeful that the record will boost its name recognition in the automobile industry.  Already a major brand in the motorcycle market, the auto manufacturer has yet to gain a substantial foothold in the American auto industry.  The records set at the Utah Salt Flats are sure to get American racing fans to take notice.

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