Sunny Garcia Inducted Into the Surfing Walk of Fame

Sponsor Me’s own, Six time Triple Crown Winner and 2000 ASP WCT World Champion, Sunny Garcia, has been inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame.

Born on the Westside of Oahu in 1970, Sunny was raised in Waianae and is the all-time winner of the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing winning the event six times. Sunny was also the 2000 ASP World Champion of surfing. Sunny still holds the record for most WQS event wins at 22. He also has an impressive 9 ASP World Championship Tour victories.

Sunny began surfing at the young age of seven and won the boys’ division in the 1984 United States Surfing Championships. At 16 Sunny turned pro, and at the age of 17, he was already the 17th ranked pro-surfer in the world. ┬áSunny is regarded as one of the sport’s great power surfers, and excels in tube-riding at places like Pipeline in Hawaii, one of the surf break sites of his many Vans Triple Crown victories.

Outside of surfing Sunny achieved stardom by starring in the WB’s “North Shore.” Sunny Garcia is currently ranked 67 in the ASP World Rankings and has recently signed with Sponsor Me. He will be a judge in the upcoming Sponsor Me signature series and will mentor some of the athletes.

“I am honored to be part of such a tremendous group of surfers,” said Sunny Garcia.

Chris Carmichael the founder of Sponsor Me said, “We are proud to have Sunny as a part of the Sponsor Me team to help mentor the up and coming action sports athletes. He is a truly an icon in the surfing industry.”

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