Stressed by social obligations? Tips for an easier holiday season

Stressed by social obligations? Tips for an easier holiday season

(BPT) – The holiday season is filled with gatherings of friends and family. As invitations to different holiday events begin to flood your calendar, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to attend everything.

But for some, hectic schedules and public gatherings fill the holiday season with additional stress as they are combined with low self-esteem or lack of confidence, making this time of year a nightmare. If the holiday season creates worry and stress for you, rather than joy and excitement, consider these confidence-building tips:

Feel free to say “no.” – You don’t have to attend every party or gathering. If your stress and worries are caused by overbooking, make it a goal to only attend one event each weekend, and possibly one additional event during the week. Be sure to include any family visits or dinners in your tally. Limiting your activities will give you time to recharge and thoroughly enjoy the events you are attending.

Boost your smile. – According to a 2013 Fixodent survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 38 percent of denture wearers admit to skipping something because they feel self-conscious about their dentures. Whether you’re indulging in tasty treats, socializing or even traveling this holiday season, Fixodent provides you with strong hold and protection, helping to seal out food particles and killing odor-causing bacteria for a clean mouth and fresh breath – so you don’t have to miss any of your holiday activities. Visit for helpful tips on keeping socially active this holiday season.

Pick the perfect holiday wear. – Sometimes much of the stress caused by the holiday season is a result of the outfit chosen for the event. For women, high heels look great, but can quickly hurt the feet, making it uncomfortable to stand and socialize for long. Consider wearing beautiful flats or heels that have protective cushioning. Look for dresses that not only make you feel good about how you look, but are also comfortable to wear. For men, a tie presents a stylish look for a social gathering, but if wearing one feels constricting, try a distinguished look by hanging a scarf over a sport coat, instead.

Enjoy the food and drink. – Sometimes when we’re stressed, we tend to overeat or consume too much alcohol. Make a conscious effort to sample the foods and drinks provided at the family dinners and social gatherings you attend without overdoing it. One trick to help achieve this is to use a dessert/appetizer plate for entree items, so you’ll take less. This allows you to better mingle, socialize and enjoy the party, and when you go home, you’ll feel better – both physically and about yourself – giving you confidence to attend the next scheduled event on your holiday calendar.

Put stress and worry on the back burner this holiday season and look forward to the social events you’ll attend this year with a smile on your face.

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