Stores Now Stocking The New Windows Phone

The new Windows Phone 7.5 became available to consumers just a few days ago. Known by its code name of “Mango” while in development, the operating system will be loaded on a range of HTC smartphones that start as low as $49.99. The program was designed by Microsoft to keep the user at the core of the phone using experience. Testing for this concept included adding people to a six story Phone. Visitors to Herald Square in New York City interacted with the main features inside the giant phone to learn more about the 7.5 updates. Hundreds of people enjoyed a live concert from Far East Movement and watched a “Plants Vs. Zombies” live action battle.

Windows 7.5 is only available on the newest 4G capable phones. All of the models feature two cameras and can fit every budget. Anyone who purchases a HTC Radar from T-Mobile, or the AT&T Samsung Focus Flash, will be sent a prepaid app card good for $25 worth of purchases. The entire catalog of over 35,000 games and useful apps currently in the Windows Phone Marketplace will be available to the new phones. This includes top hits like ESPN, Angry Birds, Facebook and Spotify.

Samsung and HTC both produced two phones that use the Windows 7.5 platform. The Focus Flash is the most inexpensive option at $49.99 but still offers a 1.4 GHz processor and a built-in camera with 5 megapixels. The Focus S has a larger screen and a 8 megapixel camera. HTC’s offerings include the 4G Rader and the TITAN with a 4.7 inch screen. Service providers for these phones include T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Internet Explorer 9 is included for easy web browsing and the automatic web connection finder helps phone users the nearest 4G connection area.

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