Starbucks Set to Launch Free In-Store Digital Network This Fall

Starbucks is continuing its move further into the digital age.  Starting this fall, the company will offer customers six free Wi-Fi content channels while at the stores.  Collaborating with Yahoo!, Rodale, Nick Jr. Boost, and many others will allow Starbucks to offer users a vast array of content and connectivity while enjoying their favorite coffee experience.

Earlier this year Starbucks announced the partnership with Yahoo! and others in an effort to offer customers a free Wi-Fi option filled with great content.  The Starbucks Digital Network, as the in-store channels will be called, will offer news, health, entertainment, business, and local items for customers to engage in.  The idea behind the network is to enhance the Starbucks experience for each visitor to the store.

For over 40 years, Starbucks has claimed to be an innovative company that does more than just serve coffee and a few breakfast snacks.  The company hopes that the Starbucks Digital Network will serve as a catalyst to encourage patrons to engage in discussions about local community events, world news, and other cultural initiatives.

In collaborating with the companies they chose, Starbucks looked to their current customer base to decide which options would be appeal to those already coming to the coffee houses.  While the Starbucks Digital Network is no doubt a tool to help expand the business, Starbucks took great care to make sure they would be offering something their current customer base would find useful and appealing.

The Starbucks Digital Network will be available in stores for Wi-Fi enabled laptops, smartphones, and tablets later this fall.

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