Starbucks Reveals Strategies for Expansion

Starbucks Reveals Strategies for Expansion

Starbucks Reveals Strategies for Expansion

The world leader in coffee shops, Starbucks, has revealed its strategies in the next phase of its expansion.

At the company’s Investor Conference, held biennially, Starbuck’s senior executives outlined their plans for global growth. Starbucks will continue to use its marketing strength to attract customers around the world to its coffee shops.

Starbucks will endeavor to build a diverse brand that is global in scope in order to increase its share of the world market for coffee, estimated at $145 billion. The company will renew their focus on expansion and innovation.

Howard Schultz, who is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of Starbucks, told the investors meeting that all of the plans that are being implemented will increase the value of shares in the long term.

He added that the company wants to make the Starbucks Experience a part of their customer’s regular day.

The president of Starbucks Coffee in the United States, Cliff Burrows, said that he thought that some expert’s opinions that the American market is already saturated with coffee franchises are not true. Burrow then proceeded to explain the considerable opportunities that still exist in the American coffee retail business.

He feels that new growth will happen from the expansion of capacity in existing locations and the use of innovative formats and concepts and store segmentation. Therefore, a solid foundation plus a well-defined plan of action is imperative to achieve this goal.

Starbucks is also planning on major retail growth outside of the United States.

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