Starbucks Plugs Customers in With Exclusive Digital Content

Starbucks Plugs Customers in With Exclusive Digital Content

Starbucks Plugs Customers in With Exclusive Digital Content

Starbucks, in partnership with Yahoo, has launched its highly anticipated Starbucks Digital Network throughout 6,800 company-operated stores in the U.S.  The Network will provide customers with what the company refers to as “snackable content” from premium online channels covering news, entertainment, wellness, business and careers, and local information. 

Users of the Network will do so through the free Wi-Fi that is standard in all Starbucks locations. Designed for nearly any kind of device, users visiting the locations can connect using their tablets, laptops and even smart phones to take advantage of the unique content.

The Starbucks Digital Network will keep people informed of new books, music and news from around the world. The content will also cater specifically to users from a more local perspective by offering local insights and information through the network.

Starbucks has said that partnering with Yahoo makes the best sense. They have long been at the center of the news and advertising worlds and doing so through the Starbucks Digital Network is said to be a tremendous opportunity for both companies.

During the first launch week of the Starbucks Digital Network, users will be treated to two free songs directly from iTunes as well as a sneak preview of the upcoming film Waiting for Superman. Furthermore, users will receive an invitation to view sample chapters of an upcoming novel that is set to be released in the coming month.

The entire network will center around six different channels that users can move between with freedom. Programming will be offered at various times as well as on demand, giving the users the potential to take part in all of the information that Starbucks has to offer without missing something important.

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