Some See Economic Improvement on the Horizon

Some See Economic Improvement on the Horizon

Some See Economic Improvement on the Horizon

People in the United States are still uncertain over unemployment and job creation but they are feeling a little more optimistic about the overall American economy, according to a recent Harris Poll.

Looking at the future, more than a third of the nation’s residents, or 34 percent, think that the economy is going to improve this year while 25 percent think that it’s going to decline. 42 percent of the Americans polled expect the economy to stay about the same.

That is in sharp contrast to opinions just two months ago in December.  In a poll at that time only 29 percent of people in the United Sates thought that the economy would improve this year while 26 percent said it would be worse and 45 percent felt it would be about the same.

There has been one important economic indicator that has been badly lagging in the American recovery and that is job creation. That lack of jobs is still the economic problem that is most on people’s minds even though they are feeling slightly more optimistic.

At the moment 61 percent of American adults rate their regions job markets as poor while 24 percent say it is neutral and 15 percent say the market is good. That represents a slight increase in optimism over last months report and is, in fact, the most positive response since the month of July in 2008.

People’s perceptions of the economy are always behind those of economists who make economic predictions. However, Americans are showing more confidence that their country is headed in the right economic direction.

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