Small Businesses to Benefit from New Postal Rules

Small Businesses to Benefit from New Postal Rules

Small Businesses to Benefit from New Postal Rules

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will be changing the rules that govern the use of simplified addressing so that small businesses can use the service on urban delivery routes.

That is projected to help small businesses grow, especially those who currently don’t market by mail because it is too expensive. It will also bring in revenue of millions of dollars to the Postal Service.

The idea behind simplified addressing is that businesses wishing to send mail to target groups of customers can do so by using information on urban delivery routes of the mail.

There is no need to have specific names or addresses on the mail. Using simplified addressing has been available for many years on rural mail routes and by local, state and federal governments for their mailings.

Starting on the second of January, 2011, the service will be extended on urban mail routes for the following categories; irregular parcels and flat size saturation mail pieces.

Irregular parcels include such items as tubes and rolls that can not be processed in the mailroom due to their shape. Flat size refers to flyers and large envelopes that are commonly used in advertising mailings. Saturation mail means delivering the mail to every physical address with in a designated area.

The extension of simplified addressing to include these items will not change the existing classification or prices on mail flats. It might save businesses money by reducing the costs of address lists and the time needed to prepare the mail.

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