Singles Find the Rules of Dating are Changing

Singles Find the Rules of Dating are Changing

Singles Find the Rules of Dating are Changing has released the results of a new study examining the dating habits and behaviors of the 105 million single adults in America. One third of the population of the United States is single, and this means the dating process involves people from all age groups, backgrounds and personal beliefs. The study involved 5,000 singles from around the country to discover the real procedures and rules of dating in this day and age.

The results show that while traditional dating rules are still followed, other changes have occurred. New developments like social networking tools and online dating have made it commonplace to “friend” a potential date as a way to signal interest. Post-date communication is often handled through texting instead of a phone call, and young singles tend to avoid contact if they aren’t ready for a second date. Older singles are entering the online dating game, but they are more cautious of meeting someone they’ve connected with through a website.

Women and men both still feel that men should take the initiative to ask for a date, but 41% of women are comfortable with picking up the check for a first date. A third of both genders agree that you can measure the chemistry and connection between two people within 15 minutes, but only 12% would actually leave at that point in the date. Half of all women surveyed still want men to make the call after a first date, but only 6% of men are doing so within the first 24 hours.

64% of daters feel that post-date communication can be handled through emails and texts, but 80% still think phone conversations are best. Men introduce dates to their friends much sooner than women do, regardless of the age of the singles.

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