Restaurants Prepare for Busy Mother’s Day

Restaurants Prepare for Busy Mother's Day

Restaurants Prepare for Busy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and a recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association suggests that mothers are hungry for a nice meal that they do not have to prepare. It is estimated that over 75 million Americans will be taking their mothers out for dinner this coming Mother’s Day.

The National Restaurant Association conducted the survey in late April. They asked 1000 Americans what their plans were for Mother’s Day 2011. The results proved that moms all across America love to go out to eat on Mother’s Day. When asked why, most mothers simply said that it gives them a chance to relax and spend some quality time with their family without having to worry about cooking the meal and cleaning up the mess.

Dinner is not the only meal that families are expected to enjoy at a restaurant this year. The survey revealed that 32% plan on getting lunch, 24% will try brunch and 10% will go out for breakfast. A small percentage of people that were surveyed discussed how they might go out to eat for more than one meal on this holiday.

The survey also asked where moms would like to eat and why. The majority of mothers wanted to eat at their favorite restaurant, regardless of price. 22% of the moms wanted to eat at a restaurant that was kid friendly. When asked why, moms told researchers that eating a meal with family creates memories that are better than any gift. 19% would chose a restaurant based on pricing and current specials and 11% would brave a restaurant that they have never visited.

Mothers also responded by stating that if they could not go out to eat, then a restaurant gift card would be the next best thing. Restaurants in America are primed and ready to give moms the day off, are you?

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