Rendition of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ Provides Hope for Iranian Youth

Toronto rock bank Blurred Vision is helping keep the fight for Iranian human rights alive nearly a year after protests during last year’s election in the country.  Band members Sohl and Sepp are Iranian.  The two fled with their family in 1988, but still have family members in the country.  The band has used Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall as a motivator to help the young people of Iran stay interested in changing the human rights situation in the country.

Blurred vision altered one of the lines in the song, which has become a YouTube sensation, to read, “Hey Ayatollah, leave those kids alone.”  In order to change the words the band needed to approach Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and receive permission for the changes.  Sohl and Sepp said while they were nervous about approaching the legendary rocker, he gave his approval quickly and without hassle.

The group decided to release the song in order to bring coverage back to the issues after media outlets in the west had moved on from the story.  During last year’s elections, the press covered the protests extensively.  In the year since, there has been nearly no coverage on the issue in the west the band has said.  Sohl and Sepp, who are brothers, said they were tremendously moved by the young protesters last year, and it gave them hope that changes would come in the future for Iran.  The song was intended to give the youth of Iran hope for the future.

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