Red Cross Gearing up for Challenging Storm Season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting that three to seven major hurricanes are likely to occur this year along the American coastlines. As the hurricane season rapidly approaches, the American Red Cross is preparing for the impending disasters.

As preparation for the assistance they anticipate providing during the hurricane season, the Red Cross has kicked off a major fundraising campaign.  The potential for a worse than normal storm season, and the problems already caused in the Gulf region by the oil spill, have leaders worried that recovery from a potentially devastating hurricane could take longer than normal.

The fundraising campaign is bringing awareness to the need for contributions through television advertisements, social media platforms, and direct mailings. 

The Red Cross says that it is prepared to provide over 1 million meals a day if need be.  Additionally, they have the capacity to provide shelter for 350,000 people.  They expect to dispatch 50,000 or more volunteers to areas that may be ravaged by storms. 

American Red Cross responds to over 70,000 emergencies each year, ranging from large-scale natural disasters, to single-family house fires that take peoples homes.  This year the agency has already responded to 29 major disasters across the country.

The Red Cross spends nearly $450 million annually responding to events across the country.

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