Proposed Florida Immigration Law to Be Stricter Than Arizona Law

Florida may be the next state to take a controversial stance on immigration policy.  Current Florida attorney general Bill McCollum has promised to introduce laws that would rival the recent Arizona laws as the harshest on illegal immigration in the country.  McCollum is currently attempting to win the Republican nomination for the Florida Governor’s Race. 

McCollum has proposed a law similar to the one in Arizona where police would be required to investigate the immigration status of anyone stopped and suspected of being in the country illegally.  McCollum said he is aware that the federal government, in legal proceedings, recently blocked a similar part of the Arizona law.  The Arizona case is expected to be fought all the way to the Supreme Court.  McCollum said that he has taken measures to avoid such a fight with the current administration by being more specific about the circumstances in which an investigation is warranted.  Others believe any such measure will only instigate a legal battle between the state and federal government as it seeks to regain control of immigration law.

Other measures in the proposed law include up to 20 days in jail for being undocumented.  At the end of the jail time, suspects would be given to immigration services and deported.  The law would also allow courts to hand out longer prison sentences to anyone committing a crime and has no legal documentation of immigration or citizenship.

McCollum has been accused of proposing and supporting the bill as election year pandering.  McCollum is currently in an extremely tight race for the nomination with Rick Scott.

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