President Signs Border Control Bill into Law

On Friday, President Obama signed a $600 million bill into law to pay for an additional 1,500 border patrol agents in the southwest United States.  The bill will also pay for additional drones and new border stations.  The bill was proposed by congress in a special session on August 5 and approved the same day by the Senate.  The bill was passed by the House in a special session on Tuesday.

The President had requested the funds earlier in the year after Arizona enacted strict immigration laws because it felt the government was not doing enough to secure the country’s borders against illegal immigrants.  Soon after the law was enacted, the Federal Government sued the state, and while some parts of the law were left untouched, a federal judge temporarily stayed many important parts. 

The administration has been under increasing pressure to step up the border presence in order to stem the tide of illegal immigrants gaining access to the country through the southern border.  The bill is an effort to calm some of the criticism as well as keep illegals from crossing the border. 

While many have praised the bill for finally allowing the federal government to take action, others say that it did not go far enough.  Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican, said that the bill seemed more like a way for the administration get positive press than it was to actually improve the border situation in the southwest.

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